About Us

TimeLike Systems was founded in 2011 by Steve Coy, formerly co-owner, co-founder, and Principal Scientist of MZA Associates. While at MZA, Mr. Coy led the development of tempusTM, a general purpose framework for modeling and simulation, and WaveTrainTM, a tempus-based tool for modeling advanced optical systems, which has since become a de facto industry standard for high energy laser systems R&D. (Note: tempus and WaveTrain are trademarks of MZA Associates Corporation.) TimeLike Systems is currently working to develop new and significantly enhanced versions of both tools, now called TimeLikeTM and LightLikeTM, respectively. We are also working in collaboration with Comet Solutions, a commercial software company specializing in software to support model-based engineering (MBE), to integrate TimeLike and LightLike into their CometTM MBE platform.

TimeLike System's logo, shown below, is a stylized space-time diagram, like those used in physics. The wiggly arrow represents the motion and time-evolution of some time-dependent system, i.e. its world-line. The system's past, shown as the solid portion of the world line, is fixed, and possibly known, but its future, shown as the dashed portion of the world line, can only be guessed at. The goal of computer modeling is simply to enable us to make better guesses.

Note: The background image of laser-armed fighter aircraft was created by Nick Kaloterakis, of kollected Pty Ltd of Sydney, Australia; it is used here under license. The image has previously appeared in Popular Science magazine.